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Apoio e Financiamento

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Finep grants reimbursable and non-reimbursable funding to Brazilian research institutes and companies. Finep's support encompasses every phase and dimension of the scientific and technological development cycle: basic research, applied research, product innovations and development, services and processes. Finep also supports technology-based company incubation, installation of technological parks, structuring and consolidation of research processes, development and innovation for established companies and market development. Furthermore, starting in 2012, Finep also began to offer support for the implementation of first industrial units as well as acquisitions, mergers and joint ventures.

Reimbursable funding is provided through its own resources or transfers from other sources. Companies and other organizations interested in obtaining credit can submit their Strategic Innovation Plans to Finep at any time. Starting September 3, 2013, they should visit the Finep 30 days hot site, which contains all the information necessary for obtaining funding for credit-based investments in innovation. There they can also access the Portal Empresa portal to register their company and Strategic Innovation Plan for Finep’s analysis.

Resources for non-reimbursable funding originate from the National Development, Scientific and Technological Funding (FNDCT). They are destined to not for profit organizations, in programs and areas determined by the FNDCT's steering committees. The funding proposals shall be presented in response to public bids or special orders. Finep also offers financial support for the organization of Science, Technology and Innovation meetings, seminars and conferences and technology summits, but today CNPq is responsible for the selection, evaluation and operation of such events.

Finep also increasingly focuses its support on technology companies. Since 2000, it has been promoting the innovation project Projeto Inovar, which encompasses a wide, structured and clear set of stimulus actions for new companies through a broad range of instruments, including capital injections via venture capital.

For more information, please refer to Finep's Operating Policy