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The Department for International Cooperation and Articulation with States (DCIN, Departamento de Cooperação Internacional e Articulação com os Estados) is the Finep unit in charge of advising the Executive Director to detect, negotiate and monitor cooperation actions with international partners, on priority areas and topics for Finep operating strategies as well as to promote events that involve participation of entities and agencies from other countries.  It is also responsible for welcoming overseas missions and representing Finep in international forums. Moreover, it also advises the Executive Director in activities regarding articulation with states and external regional players that perform strategic roles for Finep mission.

The main activities of DCIN are:

  • to negotiate Cooperation Agreements and Memorandums of Understanding with similar overseas institutions for an exchange of best institutional and operating practices and joint support to cooperative innovation projects;
  • to advise Finep President on establishing and maintaining contacts with overseas institutions and international organizations, monitoring, assisting and proposing agendas in line with Company strategy;
  • to encourage integration between Finep and federal administration bodies, including specific units in charge of international cooperation and relations;
  • to represent Finep in international and domestic forums focused on coordinating actions that involve overseas partners;
  • to negotiate, develop and publish joint calls with overseas partners;
  • to hold seminars with overseas partners to promote cooperation opportunities.
  • to advise Finep President in articulations with players from state-owned and privately held companies in the country’s various states, encouraging partnerships in areas and matters of mutual interest.


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